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I’m Pretty Boy Sally, a gender challenged boy who likes experimenting with clothes usually found on girls. As part of this process I have picked up lots of tips and photos which I am sure will help other guys who are exploring their gender identity. These are the basis for my Trans 4 Men blog.

Gender Fluidity: Male, Female, Both?

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Here are some of my more popular articles (If you’re interested just click on the titles):

Androgyny – boy or girl?

This site is not limited to gay males – I am also fascinated by how straight guys experiment with their wardrobe – especially when Lycra or Ballet are involved.

Have I said enough to tempt you? Below is the link to my latest report:

Cross Dressing Men In Stockings, Suspenders & Bras – A Trans Photo Review

Pretty Boy Sally

Once the boy has made his hosiery choice – the sky is the limit
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