What is the Transformates 變 Music Project?

The TRANSFORMATES Music Project is the creation of the British music producer Chris Duggleby. There is a strong transformational theme running throughout the music created by the project and the term ‘Transformates‘ was adopted to highlight this. As well as developing some fun musical themes Chris also writes about some of the subjects covered in the videos. A recent example of this is the video ‘Space Pox’:

The article (Contamination of Earth by Extraterrestrial Plagueto accompany this video can be found on Chris’s personal website using the link here.

The most recent album produced by Chris Duggleby, ‘Baroque Transformation‘, illustrates the kind of transformation the project is experimenting with. The album has taken some of the most beautiful pieces of classical music and interpreted them using modern instrumentation. This has resulted in some rather unique tracks which combine the genius of great classical composers with the latest developments in instrument technology.

You can find out more about Chris Duggleby’s ‘Baroque Transformation’ here. The album is available on iTunes (here) and you can view videos for each track on YouTube using the link here.

'Baroque Transformation' the 2015 Album released by Chris Duggleby as part of the TRANSFORMATES 變Music Project

‘Baroque Transformation’ Album from the TRANSFORMATES 變Music Project

The Techno/Ambient tracks from the TRANSFORMATES Music Project are currently being produced by Chris who has escaped the cold European winter climate and is working in his studio in Africa. The first video from this work is included below and you can find out more about this part of the project using the link here.

In addition to some serious classical and techno compositions Chris Duggleby is not averse to having some light hearted fun. His unmistakeably ‘British’ sense of humour crept into a number of his earlier musical compositions. This resulted in the Album ‘Songs of Fun, Deviants and Eunuchs‘ – a collection of ballads about exactly that: fun, deviants and eunuchs!

If you have ever wondered what a serious composer might write about head lice, lycra addicts or dogs that like sniffing poo take a look at the album. It is available on iTunes here and also has its own YouTube playlist (here).

Chis Duggleby's original artwork used for the cover of the TRANSFORMATES debut album: 'Songs of Fun, Deviants and Eunuchs'

TRANSFORMATES humorous album: ‘Songs of Fun, Deviants and Eunuchs’

Some early Transformates tracks were included in an EP released in 2014 under the title ‘TRANS 1: Evolution‘. This EP is also available on iTunes (here) and some of the tracks are included on the YouTube Techno/Ambient playlist (here).

2400x2400 Cover for Trans 1 Evolution


©2017 Chris Duggleby

For more information about the producer please visit the Chris Duggleby website.

Chris Duggleby laying down a new Roland AX Synth track in the VALIUMM 1 studio in the UK

Chris Duggleby laying down a new Roland AX Synth track in the VALIUMM 1 studio in the UK

Transformates is a registered trademark

2 thoughts on “What is the Transformates 變 Music Project?

  1. Re: Pretty Boy Sally

    Your newest song sounds like a song that’d be a good one to sing in a pub setting. I like it when you put words to your music. A little addition to focus on. Do think you’ve found a niche here-to-fore not mainstreamed and makes a nice addition to music rotations. The more you can change it up a bit, the longer it will hold interest. The quality is very nice and I’m sure the Transformates have a lot of fun playing it.

    • Re: Pretty Boy Sally

      Thanks Linda,
      for your tips and kind comments. Please rest assured there will certainly be more releases with words – I have a number of ideas which I am working on. Watch this space and meanwhile have a great weekend,
      Kind regards,

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