Chris Duggleby

Chris Duggleby is an English composer and music producer. He set up the TRANSFORMATES Music Project as a vehicle for music that crosses traditional boundaries. During his time in Africa, for example, he experimented with combining electronic music and more traditional native sounds.

This track is available to download on Chris’s latest Album ‘Studio Valiumm‘ available from iTunes using the link here. You can find out more about the Studio Valiumm album from the dedicated page on this site (here). There you can watch the YouTube videos for all the album tracks.

Prior to this album Chris worked on transforming some famous classical baroque masterpieces using electronic instruments. This resulted in the Electro Baroque album – more info and videos on the page here. Here is his transformed version of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor:

You can download the Electro Baroque album from iTunes using the link here.

Even the most serious composers have moments of perversion. For Chris this was captured in his first album ‘Songs of Fun, Deviants and Eunuchs‘. The title is pretty apt. You can find out more on the Musical Perversion page here (you might want to check with your therapist first!). For a sampler here’s how head lice can transform an otherwise normal sexual relationship:


Hope you enjoy the music! 


©2017 Chris Duggleby

For more information about the producer please visit the Chris Duggleby website.


2 thoughts on “Chris Duggleby

  1. Re: Pretty Boy Sally

    Your newest song sounds like a song that’d be a good one to sing in a pub setting. I like it when you put words to your music. A little addition to focus on. Do think you’ve found a niche here-to-fore not mainstreamed and makes a nice addition to music rotations. The more you can change it up a bit, the longer it will hold interest. The quality is very nice and I’m sure the Transformates have a lot of fun playing it.

    • Re: Pretty Boy Sally

      Thanks Linda,
      for your tips and kind comments. Please rest assured there will certainly be more releases with words – I have a number of ideas which I am working on. Watch this space and meanwhile have a great weekend,
      Kind regards,

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