Gender Fluidity- Who am I?

Many of us struggle with the classical binary definition of gender. This divides us from birth into being either male or female. Traditionally we have been expected to adhere to stereotypical traits expected of these two gender extremes. The TRANSFORMATES site supports those who struggle with this binary view of the world. It provides a forum to explore alternatives to the classical ideas about gender

A Question of Gender: Male, Female, Both?

Although gender is determined by our sex chromosomes these are made up of, and influence, a huge number of genes. If you inherit two X chromosomes society classifies you as female. Conversely inheriting one X and one Y chromosome places you in the male box. However, as with many biological processes, the determination of the characteristics that make up your gender is not a simple binary selection process.

The many genes involved in gender are themselves highly varied with lots of differences due to mutations created over millions of years. As a result, instead of being a binary male/female choice gender can be thought of as a continuum. To understand this concept think of a decision line with the 100% classical male at one end and the 100% classical female at the other. Most of us lie somewhere along this continuum rather than being at one of the extremes.

Gender Fluidity: Male, Female, Both?

If you think about it evolution has been pretty sensible in providing considerable variability in gender attributes. There will be situations in nature when, let’s say, the 100% classical male may be at a selective disadvantage. If the male’s partner unexpectedly dies shortly after having children the father may need to adopt some ‘typically female’ traits in order to successfully raise the children. If this adaptability is not hard-wired into his genes his offspring may suffer and possibly die. In such situations males without gender adaptability will die out.

Likewise there will be times when a woman may need to identify with certain typically masculine traits to ensure her offspring survive and her own genes are passed on to the next generation. Situations of war and natural disasters in which the 50:50 male/female ratios can be badly disrupted are typical scenarios in which gender fluidity provides a selective advantage.

Tom-boy or Gentle-man: An evolutionary advantage?

The point to take away from this discussion is that you should not consider yourself to be unusual if you are not a 100% classical male or 100% classical female. It is quite possible that the genes you inherited from both parents were shuffled to ensure you have a diversity of gender traits. If, as a boy or man, you sometimes feel a desire to dress as a girl or do typically feminine things this may well be programmed into your genome. The same goes if you are a girl and find you feel more at home dressing up or doing things like a boy. It is quite natural.

Not conforming with the classical binary gender stereotype actually makes you rather special. As modern society evolves the old extreme gender types become less relevant. More importantly they become sexually less advantageous. In order to take advantage of biological diversity society will adapt its views about gender expectations. So why not be a champion of change – adopt the gender traits you feel most suited to.

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On this site I would like to explore this idea that gender fluidity or gender ambiguity is a biological gift. It makes you who you are – someone special. It doesn’t matter whether you were originally defined as a biological male (XY) or female (XX) this site will have something to interest you. You may have questions about your own position on the gender continuum or you may simply be interested to understand more about gender ambiguity. Let’s explore together.

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