Cute Gay Cross-dressing Peasant Boy Features in TRANSFORMATES 變 latest video

What a coincidence! At about the same time as the TRANSFORMATES 變 project introduces a traditional Chinese character meaning ‘to transform’ or ‘to change’ as its logo the video for ‘Pretty Boy Sally‘is also released. This ballad is about a young boy from the middle ages who embodied the band’s transformational or change philosophy. Put simply – he liked to cross-dress (a mediaeval transvestite). If you would like to know more about the chinese character in the logo please visit my recent blog which can be found using the link here.

I won’t spoil the video for you by giving away the too many details of the story in this brief article but rest assured it includes family strife, romance, violence and of course has a historical setting. All the makings of a television period drama…… (I can be contacted via the comments box below!).

I found it quite challenging recruiting for the video – especially the violent Viking castration part – but eventually found a suitable professional team who could cope with the considerable time required in make-up and the challenging stunt work.

Here is the video link:

Musically this was quite a challenge to create requiring mastery of some rather unusual period instrumentation sounds as well as the typical TRANSFORMATES 變 electronic multi-part twiddles (a technical term used in professional music production circles).

I deliberately broke away from the easy option of using a drum machine (= old school and rather boring) for the percussion and therefore you will probably notice the total lack of skill applied to the various traditional drums used to attempt to provide some rhythmical structure to the piece (Try playing bongos between your knees while fiddling with a multi-track digital recorder – Our budget won’t stretch to another mixing engineer!).

I have to admit the vocals required several takes – I simply could not make up my mind whether to sing the piece in a northern, southern or seemingly posh accent. In the end I simply settled for the latter but if you would dearly prefer one of the other accents just let me know and I can upload one of the other masters into YouTube. As always I can be contacted via the comments box with any questions or suggestions. I am always keen to hear about ideas for future TRANSFORMATES 變 projects.

Happy listening!

Chris Duggleby

Chris Duggleby Producer of TRANSFORMATES 變 in the VALIUMM Studios in Surrey

Chris Duggleby Creator of the TRANSFORMATES 變 Project in the V&LIUMM Studios in Surrey



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