Have you tried ‘Sex at Sunrise’? The TRANSFORMATES 變 new video of course!

One of the things I am keen for the TRANSFORMATES 變 project to do is support people with relationship issues. We have already covered a number of common themes such as cross dressing, marriage to Eunuchs and threesome relationships (including dogs).

I decided it was time to invest some of our musical effort into improving that most important of relationship activities, namely sex between consenting partners. There are certain things you can do to improve this situation yourselves – for example you can chose the right time and location. I particularly recommend making love at sunrise (although if you are an evening person sunset should do just as nicely).

Once you have the right person and the right setting the next thing you need is the right music to ensure you have the perfect ambience. This is what ‘Sex at Sunrise’ has been created to do. It is a sophisticated blend of musical sounds, harmonics and rhythms which are designed to gradually increase your musical pleasure until you reach the point of sensual climax. A kind of musical orgasm.

If you would like to try this out here is the video on YouTube (but be warned – seek medical advice first if you have a bad back!):

If you are interested in the origin of the photos used in the video – they were mainly taken from my balcony in Cape Town. There are more like this in the Galleries section of my ChrisDuggleby.com website.

This track and 5 others from the TRANSFORMATES 變 project have been included in the EP – TRANS 1: EVOLUTION. These include: Pretty Boy Sally, Sex at Sunrise, Play with my Dog, Rock the Priory, Make the Pain Stop and Heaven. If you would like to download it straight from the global distributors you can find the link here. During September 2014 the EP will also become available on i-Tunes, Amazon, Google Play and all reputable record stores. It can also be downloaded straight to your smartphone using a MOBILE APP the link to the app is here. (you will need to visit the link from your mobile device and then download the app).

Enjoy the music (and whatever you do to accompany it)!

Chris Duggleby


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