Last wishes from a departing lover – TRANSFORMATES 變 single: ‘Ballad of a Dying Lover’ – Solace through music

If you are close to death what is it that you would most like to do with your lover before you leave this world? I have tried to capture this theme in the TRANSFORMATES 變 project’s latest single ‘Ballad of a Dying Lover‘. You can download the single from iTunes using the link here. During October 2014 our global distributors will ensure it is made available from all reputable music supplies: just search for Transformates or Chris Duggleby.

Transformates - Ballad of a Dying Lover (original cover) 2400x2400

The vocals on this piece reflect the wishes of someone who is facing death and therefore I felt it was not appropriate to simply sing the ballad. Instead the departing ‘lover’ is literally whispering their final wishes. I think this is more likely to be the case if the person believes they are close to death.

I have to admit I was quite moved as I recorded the vocal line and a couple of times I had to stop the recording while I reached for the tissues. In particular thoughts kept going through my mind of the hostages held in the middle east who were recently savagely killed. What would these poor souls have wished to share with their loved ones before they departed from this world?

Although the song tries to capture the thoughts of someone who faces permanent separation from their lover I hope it will also provide solace to the loved ones they leave behind. As the words are spoken softly you may wish to increase the volume when you listen to the track. In addition I have included the words in the video which can be viewed on YouTube using the link below:


I am always looking for new ideas for the TRANSFORMATES Project so if you have any suggestions or recommendations for improvements please use the comments box below. If you do not wish for your comments to be published just write ‘Confidential’ at the top of the box.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the site.

Chris Duggleby


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