The Deviant Diet – something ‘tasty’ to do during Winter and Christmas

As the winter starts to cool the Northern Hemisphere many of us need to take a careful look at our calorie intake to make sure we have enough energy to keep us warm. In particular for those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and don’t have the option of flying south good food and drink can counter some of the negative effects of the encroaching darkness.

With this in mind I have penned a little nutritional therapy ballad: ‘The Deviant Diet‘. If you are worried you are not eating enough (or perhaps know someone who needs a little encouragement to eat more) this song may be just what you (or they) need. Needless to say the advice in the video should only be followed with appropriate medical consideration and guidance. I am hoping to get medical insurance companies to recommend it for those who need cheering up.

You may like to get something nice to eat (and drink) before you click on the video below. Don’t worry – I have strategically placed a convenient little comfort break in the middle – just in case (like you know who) you need to regularly pop to the facilities. For those who struggle with my accent I have included subtitles – here it is:

Like most of the music produced by the TRANSFORMATES 變 project this will eventually be made available on iTunes and through all other reputable music stores. If you would like to get a little reminder when it is available just let me know via the comments box or through my facebook site (new ‘clean’ friends always welcome).

Chris Duggleby


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