Medical advice for sufferers with head lice – set to music

Do you remember those days at school when the nit nurse used to pay a visit? All the kids would be lined up in the hall and she would check everyone’s head with the nit comb and you prayed that you wouldn’t be the one pronounced ‘infested‘.

Fahrenholzia pinnata otherwise known as the common nit (or louse)

Fahrenholzia pinnata otherwise known as the common nit (or louse)

Well clearly things have moved on since then – the nurse now uses a screen! However occasional head lice infestations appear to be a fact of life for many of us with children at school. And the common louse has no respect for class or wealth – clean kids generally taste better and close knit communities in expensive private schools are ideal for hopping from head to head (epecially in the rugby scrum).

Help is here! The TRANSFORMATES  變 Music Project has devised the perfect musical therapy to support those who are hosts to the occasional nit family. Actually the song doesn’t just deal with the person infected but also considers those people that they live with. In particular it addresses spouses who may be a little over enthusiastic in their delousing activities.These are the people the medical profession refers to as Nitomaniacs – they are constantly searching for that next blood sucker. If you live with a nitomaniac all you need to do is have a little scratch and your partner will be on you with the nitcomb.

The Nit comb -Instrument of torture and humiliation used by Nitomaniacs

The Nit comb -Instrument of torture and humiliation used by Nitomaniacs

It was my personal awareness of this devastating affliction that drove me to share my experiences with other suffers in the hope that they may find encouragement and strength. The result was the song: ‘My Girlfriend’s a Nitomaniac‘ which is a heart wrenching tale of love and medical tragedy in the North of England. It describes some of the most challenging aspects of a relationship between one who has an occasional ‘nit’ and one who simply can not rest until every nit in the world has been eradicated. Here is the video:

In case you would like to download the song to be a constant source of companionship and support I have included it on the TRANSFORMATES 變albumSongs of Fun, Deviants and Eunuchs‘. This is being made available from all reputable music suppliers (e.g. Spotify via the link here and Amazon via the link here – and i-Tunes ‘when they solve their technical glitch’ here).

Oh, and by the way. It is me singing on the vocals, and yes I am from the North of England and yes I did have a girl friend called Sally (but the last I heard was that she was responding well to therapy for a slight obsessive disorder). Oh and yes I have been known from one day to the next to turn up for work with my head and eyebrows shaven!

Chris Duggleby

The Composer at his office - taken on a 'certified free of head lice' day.

The Composer at his office – taken on a ‘certified free of head lice’ day.




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