The Androgynous Male in Gender Transformation

Most of us are not born at the very extremes of the gender continuum – in other words few people would be described as 100% male or female. Most boys and men have some feminine attributes and most girls and women have a little bit of the tom-boy in them.

The Androgynous Male – Would you know the gender if the nipple is covered?

There is a group of people who occupy a position close to the middle of the gender continuum – mid-way between the classical definition of totally male or female. These very special people may be referred to as androgynous. Some times when these people cover their sex organs it is quite difficult to determine the biological gender type they were born with – in other words whether they were born with XY (male) or XX (female) chromosomes. Consider these visual examples:

the androgynous male in transition see blog at transformates dot com
Androgyny – Boy or Girl?
Gender fluidity – Male or Female?
A Stunning Model – but what gender? 

Some people are perfectly comfortable identifying themselves as androgynous – in fact they consider it to be a gift. It can clearly increase the choice of potential partners. Truly androgynous males can simply adapt their clothing, makeup and behaviour to suit the situation and the assumed gender of their partner.

Some androgynous males are so stunning they are snapped up by modelling agencies looking for that little ‘something special’ when presenting clothing for women. Jean Paul Gaultier selected androgynous model Andrej (now Andreja) Pejic in 2011 to model the wedding dress in his Spring Couture show.

Super Model Andrej (now Andreja) Pejic – Originally Promoted as ‘Androgynous’
Androgynous Supermodel Andrej (now Andreja) Pejic

Pejic started in modelling as an androgynous male – but had struggled with the masculine identity since childhood. At the age of 13, partly due to learning about transgender issues on the internet, Pejic became clearer about being positioned much closer to the female end of the gender continuum. After spending years of androgynous modelling of both male and female clothing Pejic underwent sex reassignment surgery (SRS) in 2014. Andrej became Andreja.









A key theme of today’s blog is to introduce the subject of androgynous male transformation. Transformation can involve simply changing your dress, behaviour and lifestyle to adopt aspects normally associated with the female end of the gender spectrum. Many gender fluid people actually find themselves hovering between periods of masculinity and femininity. This can add tremendous colour to your life because you can enjoy exploring different styles – presenting yourself either as a male or a female.

If you, like Andreja, are convinced that you are trapped in the wrong body ‘type’ then it is possible, following careful professional psychological counselling and support, to consider gender reassignment treatment (both hormonal and surgical). If you are interested in what it is like to have gone through such a transformation why not listen to Andreja Pejic explaining herself in the following video:


As well as video support you may find it useful to read about Andreja’s views and her answers to relevant questions in relation to her transition. If this is you I recommend you take a look at an interview she gave to Vogue in July 2014, a few months after undergoing SRS. Here is the link (it should open in a new tab): Exclusive: Andreja Pejic Is in Her Own Skin for the Very First Time.

So if there are any gender fluid Transformates out there looking for a little more glamour and perhaps considering a career as a super model let me finish off today’s blog with another interview with Andreja as she takes us through a typical day in her new life (PS – Guys please note she is looking for a boyfriend – or even a husband):

Hope you enjoyed the blog. In future publications we will explore the subject of gender fluidity and transformation in more depth – so don’t hesitate if you have any comments or recommendations. In this way you can help us shape the site.

Please visit the blog again (followers always welcome!).

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