Girly Boy Dilemma – Stockings or Tights? Hosiery for Gender Fluid Males

One of the perennial questions facing most gender fluid Girly Boys is whether to wear tights or stockings (often with suspenders).

This is an area in which most folk born as girls have a major advantage over the boys. Often girls will be briefed from an early age on the pro’s and cons of wearing tights or stockings by their mother (or by their father if they come from a more progressive family).

Clearly the parental advice about which legging garment to wear will be strongly influenced by Mummy or Daddy’s own personal tastes and preferences – but at least it is a start.

Not every Gender Fluid Boy can depend on hosiery advice from Mummy or Daddy

The other thing that parents can help with is in sizing and styling. Again this will be influenced by their own tastes – which is one reason why many girls adopt similar approaches to their mums (except during their teenage years of course!).

But what if your Mum or Dad did not help you getting started in the hosiery department? Well in today’s blog I will try and provide a few starter tips and also present some pics to highlight some of the styles being adopted by today’s gender fluid males.

In deciding how to express your Gender Fluid identity dont worry too much about the views of others

I think the most important tip is to not worry too much about what others think or say – this is a prerequisite to being a successful gender fluid boy even in today’s diverse and permissive times. This also goes for that most fundamental question – ‘Should I even bother with tights or stockings?’

Many cross dressing boys are quite happy wearing girls underwear and over apparel (skirts, dresses, blouses etc) without the need to cover their legs with hosiery. If this is you then take a look at my earlier blog: Hiding Your Lingerie At Work – The Discrete Trans Gentleman (just click on the title for the link).

Check out my earlier blog for information about the sizing of panties for boys

The next question in relation to the Stockings/tights dilemma is aeration around the groin area. Most girls will tell you that this in an important personal hygiene issue. If you tend to sweat a lot in your intimate area then think seriously about the stockings option – they will let your body ‘breath’ around the groin area which means that sweat (and smells) can escape more easily.

The groin area can also be very sensitive to certain textiles and allergies (including washing powder/softener allergies – more on this in a later blog). This sensitivity is generally made worse by sweating and other secretions that sometimes pervade the groin area. Again this is another plus for stockings (or even better – just wear your panties).

Tights can be favoured by boys in winter because they are warmer

Tights are often preferred more in the winter time – especially the higher denier number ones – because they can keep you warmer. They are also often worn by people doing high activity sports like ballet or running (I have included a number of pics of guys in their ballet gear to illustrate this).

If you use tights for an activity in which you need to sweat a lot then it is advisable to discard them to the washing basket at the end of the session. Don’t continue to wear sweat soaked hosiery longer than necessary – it will prevent your body from drying naturally and provides a super environment for microbes to thrive. If you start developing a new rash or spots – think hosiery!

If your job involves prolonged sweating in the groin area stockings may be a preferred choice

I discussed sizing issues in the panty blog mentioned above (link here) – this is also an important issue for stockings and tights. Most of these products are made and marketed for women – women’s legs and waists tend to be on average thinner than men’s (although women’s wide hips mean that tights often have very high waist bands – also good for tucking the tummy in!).

As a result of this biological sizing difference relatively thin men (say 32/33 inch waists) may find they need XL (or XXL if you can get it) sizes in tights. Stockings can be a bit better (due to the lack of a waist band) but once again the thinner women’s legs can lead to compression issues when worn by men.

When boys wear girls tights they should add on a couple of sizes and test the fit

It is important to avoid overly compressing your legs – this can lead to circulation problems with blood either not getting to your feet/toes or not being able to return back up your legs once it has got down to the feet (swollen ankles and feet are an obvious symptom of the problem here).

The best thing to do regarding sizing is buy a single item in a large size and try it out (leave it on for a while to see if you develop compression issues or pains around the waist, hips, ankles – or even the shoulders). If you find a good size that works – then stick with that supplier.

After a trans boy has found the ideal hosiery fit – he may decide to stick with that supplier

I have focused here on buying your tights/stockings from a women’s hosiery manufacturer – this is because a) there are very few suppliers of mens’ grade products (really made for men and not just re-branded women’s hosiery) and b) if you do find a men’s hosiery supplier you will probably discover that products made for women are much cheaper.

Boys – To avoid problems with hosiery leg length simply cut off the toes

Another thing to consider which is also related to size is the length. Due to their female body focus many tights are too short for men – there is a simple solution here – just cut off the toes and let the bottom of the tights sit around the base of your ankles. As well as solving the length problem this also allows more air to get to your feet and toes – preventing/reducing smells and unwanted microbial growth (bugs like old sweat without much oxygen).

Tip for you Trans Boys – wearing panties over suspenders means quicker access to the toilet

Finally if your do go for the stockings option you will probably need a suspender belt – again make sure you buy a really comfortable (large) size. And the other thing that any ‘experienced’ girl will tell you – life is a lot easier if you wear your panties over the suspender belt rather than under it. Going to the toilet is much easier if you can get your panties down quickly!

I hope this helps. If you found this information interesting please visit the blog again.

Pretty Boy Sally 

Once the boy has made his hosiery choice – the sky is the limit

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