Men Love Doing Sports in Lycra or Spandex – Are these Trans Boys in Denial?

Back in time – before I understood very much about my gender fluidity I had a fascination with doing sports in Lycra – the thinner the better. I also liked them to be fairly transparent – my favourite colours were white and yellow!

My favourite Lycra colours were white and yellow

Initially I enjoyed people being able to see my nice tight white undies under the Lycra. But of course it did not stop there.

I enjoyed people seeing my tight white undies under the Lycra

As time moved on I started to wear girls’ panties under my Lycra – my reasoning was that the high elasticated content of girls’ undies helped to smooth out any masculine bumps that could reveal it was really a boy underneath those tight Lycra shorts/tights.

Of course flimsy Lycra is fine when you are exercising in the comfort of your own home

In retrospect this was just an excuse to wear girls underwear. It was nice to think that people might be able to see I was wearing pretty girls panties under my Lycra.

I enjoyed wearing women’s clothing beneath (and some times over) my Lycra

Then I noticed a lot of other guys were wearing Lycra on the playing fields – and with many of them you could see precisely what kind of undies they had underneath.

Lycra and Spandex sports tights do not leave much to the imagination

As I progressed with my research I noticed that a number of these chaps didn’t have any undies on at all underneath their flimsy Lycra. I began to realise – they just loved the feel of tight spandex fibres next to their flesh.

Men’s Lycra is just about as close as you can get to wearing ladies hosiery (unless you go for the real thing)

Gradually I began to understand that most of these very fit boys would really love to go out running in girl’s tights – the Lycra was their way of getting as close as they could to expressing their gender fluidity without being overtly trans.

Sometimes I would replace white Lycra tights for a nice light shade of grey

So in today’s blog I have selected some pics of iconic guy’s in Lycra which I hope help to illustrate my point. Do you think these guys would prefer to be out running in girls tights?

Hope you enjoy them.

Pretty Boy Sally


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