Erotic Male Ballet Dancers in White Lycra Tights – A Photo Review

What is it about incredibly fit male bodies jumping through the air in pure white tights that is so homoerotic?

Erotic Male Ballet Dancer in White Lycra Tights

For those of us that are gender challenged the idea that guys can dress in hosiery and dance around for a living seems to be the optimal career choice – OK we may need to work on our musculature a bit.

Some of us may need to work on our bodies first

For today’s blog I would like to present some of the iconic male ballet dancers that have chosen this career path. This may provide some incentive to those younger gender fluid readers whose bodies are still at the stage where they can craft them into these incredible shapes.

With the right body even an old shed can be made exiting!

And for those of us who may be a bit too old to embark on the crafting process – well we can still dream about spending some ‘quality time’ in the company of these stunning creatures.

Prepare to fly high – no strings attached

Welcome to today’s selection of ‘Professional Men in White Tights‘.

Pretty Boy Sally


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