Cross Dressing Men In Stockings Suspenders Bras – A Trans Health Photo Review

Men who wear women’s underwear often take great care to keep their bodies toned and fit. Male cross dressing can even be thought of as a powerful incentive in the battle against obesity.

Cross Dressing Men work hard on their abs to complement attractive stockings, suspenders and bras

It has long been known that the homosexual community often takes an active interest in physical fitness and healthy living. Similar drivers exist in the trans community regardless of being straight or gay – we want to look good in women’s clothes.

The perfect image can also be greatly enhanced by your wallpaper choice

Cross dressing males have an added incentive to keep thin and fit. Women’s clothes tend to be designed to enhance attractive body shapes and are very unforgiving of excess fat.

Men feel more comfortable getting fitting assistance in the shop if they regularly visit the gym

In my earlier photo blog I explained some of the issues of sizing for trans men (the link is here). Even if you get a size that fits it is nice not to have an unsightly ‘overhang’. We all like to look nice in the mirror!

We all want to look our best in the mirror

To illustrate how well some men have crafted their bodies to complement well with ladies underwear I would like to share with you some photos which I consider to be iconic.

We all have different tastes – not all men feel comfortable wearing a bra with their stockings and suspenders

Clearly not everyone will have a perfect body for their trans wardrobe from day one – and I am certainly not into body-shaming. But as you look at yourself in your nice stockings and panties why not plan your next visit to the gym. Perhaps you could use the trip to show off some of your latest purchases.

I hope you enjoy today’s photo review (I am sure you will understand that not all the chaps feel the need to wear a bra). Big thanks to these iconic models for sharing their success.

Pretty Boy Sally


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