Crossdressing Style Icons – Fit Men Cute Boys in Skirts Dresses & Make up

To celebrate the release of my latest cross dressing fashion video I would like to share with you some of the best photos.

Of course boys wearing dresses in rural England is not a purely new phenomenon

In an earlier blog I introduced the androgynous super model (the link to that report is here). Those models make careers out of our inability to distinguish their male or female heritage.

Androgynous Supermodel Andreja Pejic

However there is another group of models that are unquestionably male but make a living by modelling clothes that you might normally expect to see in a women’s wardrobe.

In today’s blog I will present you with some of these iconic fit male models. Traditionally we would have described them as cross-dressing but today I would just refer to them as gender fluid.

As this website is dedicated to gender fluidity these cute boys belong here and I hope you enjoy this little collection.

Dress and make yourself up in the way that makes you most happy!

Pretty Boy Sally

PS. If you are not already a subscriber (its free!) the video is on my YouTube Transformates channel (link embedded in name)


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