Lingerie Style and Posture Tips for the Cross-dressing Gentleman

In today’s blog I would like to provide some guidance for gentlemen who wish to adorn themselves with ladies’ lingerie and intimate underwear.

A really good source of advice when it comes to women’s lingerie is a lady

Some guys are fortunate enough to have a lady partner, a close lady friend or a sister to  help them when deciding what to wear and how to wear it.

Advice may come from a partner, a good lady friend or perhaps your sister

In fact ladies are known to be quite attracted to other bodies dressed in intimate feminine undergarments so a little bit of cross-dressing can really spice up a heterosexual relationship.

Don’t be surprised if a heterosexual relationship takes off after a little exploratory cross-dressing

I have never found a lady who is unwilling to help a guy with his lingerie issues – so if you do not have a close lady friend you might simply try asking the lady in the shop for some guidance.

If you don’t have a close female friend try asking the lady in the lingerie shop for advice

In the rest of this blog I will start by presenting you with some photographic tips on how your lingerie should look and what kind of posture you should adopt (with the help of lady models). Then I will show you some gentlemen who have successfully adapted this feminine wardrobe to stunning effect.

I hope you enjoy it.

Pretty Boy Sally.