Who is this Gender Challenged Boy?

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I’m Pretty Boy Sally, a gender challenged boy who likes experimenting with clothes usually found on girls. As part of this process I have picked up lots of tips and photos which I am sure will help other guys who are exploring their gender identity. These are the basis for my blog and videos.

Gender Fluidity: Male, Female, Both?

If you want to check out (or even follow) my latest news I suggest you try my blog (link is here).

Alternatively you may want to take a look at some of my videos on similar themes. The video page link is here.

Here are some of my more popular articles (If you’re interested just click on the titles):

Androgyny – boy or girl?

This site is not limited to gay males – I am also fascinated by how straight guys experiment with their wardrobe – especially when Lycra or Ballet are involved.

Have I said enough to tempt you? Below is the link to a recent report (many more in the blog):

Cross Dressing Men In Stockings, Suspenders & Bras – A Trans Photo Review

Pretty Boy Sally

Once the boy has made his hosiery choice – the sky is the limit
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