Electro Baroque

Electro Baroque is the name of Chris Duggleby’s album of famous classical ‘hits’ that have been given a makeover with electronic instruments. The original music dates from 1600 – 1750 ….. the modern versions will blow your mind!

For this project the original musical manuscripts of composers like Bach, Vivaldi and Handel were used as a starting point. Then modern instruments were used to give a new feel to the music. For example here is one of the first electro baroque pieces that Chris created:

You may have noticed a distinct similarity to Vivaldi’s famous Summer Concerto from his Four Seasons suite. This is not surprising – great effort was taken to preserve the original musical notation so Vivaldi can claim to have written this modern synthesizer piece! (You can download Stellar Wedding from iTunes using the link here).

Chris Duggleby’s new Electro Baroque album has 15 tracks. You can view the videos for these tracks using the YouTube playlist below (in fact you can simply click on this box to hear the music while you read on):

The album was released on Feb 1st 2017 and is now available on iTunes (Link here). Here is more info on the tracks:

  1. Guitar Toccata (based on the Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach)
  2. Hallelujah to the People (the Hallelujah Chorus from George Frideric Handel‘s Messiah)
  3. Summer Festivities Begin (Four Seasons – Summer Concerto part 3 by Antonio Vivaldi)
  4. Air of Freedom (Air on a G string by Johann Sebastian Bach)
  5. Winter Battle March (What Power Art Thou also known as the ‘Cold Genius‘ from Henry Purcell‘s King Arthur)
  6. My Lord Touches me Gently (My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home by John Dowland)
  7. Wedding Dance (The Canon by Johann Pachelbel)
  8. Joy When a Child is Born (Brandenburg Concerto Nr 2 by Johann Sebastian Bach)
  9. Distraught Mother Searches for Child (Eja Mater from Antonio Vivaldi‘s Stabat Mater)
  10. Joyous Mother Finds Child (Fac Ut Ardeat from Giovanni Battista Pergolesi‘s Stabat Mater)
  11. Angels Weep When Child Dies (Miserere Mei Deus by Gregorio Allegri)
  12. Mother and Child Reunited in Heaven (Baroque Potpourri by Chris Duggleby)
  13. Live Jam to Guitar Toccata (Chris adds a keyboard to the guitar piece above)
  14. Live Jam to Summer Festivities Begin (Vivaldi’s piece spiced up even further with a Roland AxSynth)
  15. Live Jam to Mother and Child Reunited in Heaven (an attempt to drown the digital duck in the version above!)

Over the next couple of months I will add some articles under the blog section of this website to explain more detail about each piece.



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