Live Session Videos

Here are some videos made during the development of new recordings. If you want to see what Chris Duggleby is currently working on – usually before the official releases – this is a good place to start.

The first video takes the Baroque Anthem which was featured on the ‘Baroque Transformation‘ album and adds a new track using a Roland AX Shoulder Synthesizer. The objective was to develop an exciting approach to playing this piece during live performances:

The Baroque Anthem and the new Roland Ax-Synth part were both composed by Chris Duggleby but with a strong baroque influence in the musical style he used.

The second video takes one of the technically most challenging organ pieces by J.S.Bach – the Toccata and Fugue in D minor. In his original recording of this work (also on the Baroque Transformation album) Chris re-arranged Bach’s original organ music for guitars and strings. In this new video he has now added back a keyboard part and again plays this using the Roland AX Synth. The new track is totally Chris’s own composition and like Bach’s original it is technically quite challenging to play:

Finally, here is a very unique rendition of Vivaldi’s Summer Concerto from his famous Four Seasons collection. The original recording (also on the Baroque Transformation album) was used as the backing track for this new recording. Once again Chris has tried to develop a piece that is exciting to play live using a shoulder synthesizer. A key characteristic of the Roland AX-Synth is that it has a synthesizer built into it – this allows Chris to play parts which require very fast finger action. Many other shoulder keyboards (often called Keytars) are simply keyboard controllers and have to be played via a ‘virtual’ synthesizer in a computer. This can often create latency (delays) between pressing the note and the sound coming out or the speakers – as a result they are not always suitable for extremely fast finger action in live performances.

As new ‘live session’ videos become available they will be featured here so if you would like to see the latest performances please visit this page again.

Chris Duggleby

Creator of the TRANSFORMATESMusic Project