Musical Perversion

Sadly perversion appears to be a recurrent theme in Chris Duggleby’s music. It even managed to creep into his latest album Studio Valiumm. The following number started off life as a simple homage to Chris’s early career as a molecular biologist. However it developed into something much more sinister…

Making Mutants is available to download on Chris’s latest Album ‘Studio Valiumm‘ available from iTunes using the link here.

The TRANSFORMATES 變 Music Project has produced some very serious music. However life is not just about being serious – sometimes we need a little fun. This is what lead to the concept of Musical Perversion. There are a number of subjects which you very rarely find mentioned in popular ballads. As far as Chris’s musical perversion is concerned, there are no limits.

Ten of these little gems featured on the Album ‘Songs of Fun, Deviants and Eunuchs‘. This Album can be downloaded from most suppliers (e.g. iTunes – here, Spotify – here, Google play – here, Amazon – here).

Chis Duggleby's original artwork used for the cover of the TRANSFORMATES debut album: 'Songs of Fun, Deviants and Eunuchs'

The TRANSFORMATES album: ‘Songs of Fun, Deviants and Eunuchs

This album includes the following 10 original TRANSFORMATES fun songs:

  1. Pretty Boy Sally (cross dressing peasant boy marries eunuch)
  2. My Girlfriend’s a Nitomaniac (romance with body lice)
  3. Lycra Larry (jogger exposes himself)
  4. Pussy Cat’s Xylo Disco (what to do with your pussy at the disco)
  5. Deviant Diet (an unusual eating disorder)
  6. I’m no Coprophagiac, I just like sniffin poo (by a punk dog)
  7. Let’s Play with my Dog (passionate threesome – with a dog)
  8. Lech Mich! the German Licking Song (German abuse for beginners)
  9. Happy Birthday Friend (useful song if you are tight fisted)
  10. Xylo Disco (another version on disco pussy dancing)

The album also has a couple of bonus tracks (northern and cockney versions of ‘Pretty Boy Sally’ to ensure these regions do not feel left out when it comes to musical perversion).

In addition to being able to sample the songs on the iTunes player you can also enjoy the videos which have been prepared for them on YouTube. Just click on the play arrow below:



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