Lingerie Style and Posture Tips for the Cross-dressing Gentleman

In today’s blog I would like to provide some guidance for gentlemen who wish to adorn themselves with ladies’ lingerie and intimate underwear.

A really good source of advice when it comes to women’s lingerie is a lady

Some guys are fortunate enough to have a lady partner, a close lady friend or a sister to  help them when deciding what to wear and how to wear it.

Advice may come from a partner, a good lady friend or perhaps your sister

In fact ladies are known to be quite attracted to other bodies dressed in intimate feminine undergarments so a little bit of cross-dressing can really spice up a heterosexual relationship.

Don’t be surprised if a heterosexual relationship takes off after a little exploratory cross-dressing

I have never found a lady who is unwilling to help a guy with his lingerie issues – so if you do not have a close lady friend you might simply try asking the lady in the shop for some guidance.

If you don’t have a close female friend try asking the lady in the lingerie shop for advice

In the rest of this blog I will start by presenting you with some photographic tips on how your lingerie should look and what kind of posture you should adopt (with the help of lady models). Then I will show you some gentlemen who have successfully adapted this feminine wardrobe to stunning effect.

I hope you enjoy it.

Pretty Boy Sally.


Crossdressing Style Icons – Fit Men Cute Boys in Skirts Dresses & Make up

To celebrate the release of my latest cross dressing fashion video I would like to share with you some of the best photos.

Of course boys wearing dresses in rural England is not a purely new phenomenon

In an earlier blog I introduced the androgynous super model (the link to that report is here). Those models make careers out of our inability to distinguish their male or female heritage.

Androgynous Supermodel Andreja Pejic

However there is another group of models that are unquestionably male but make a living by modelling clothes that you might normally expect to see in a women’s wardrobe.

In today’s blog I will present you with some of these iconic fit male models. Traditionally we would have described them as cross-dressing but today I would just refer to them as gender fluid.

As this website is dedicated to gender fluidity these cute boys belong here and I hope you enjoy this little collection.

Dress and make yourself up in the way that makes you most happy!

Pretty Boy Sally

PS. If you are not already a subscriber (its free!) the video is on my YouTube Transformates channel (link embedded in name)

Fit Naked Male Ballet Dancers – A Fem Boy Homoerotic Artistic Fantasy With Nude Athletic Guys

Having just finished my latest video about naked ballet dancers (only men this time – sorry ladies) I thought I would share the images with regular visitors to my blog.

One of the problems with adapting photos for wide screen YouTube viewing is that I can not always capture all the details in the space available.

So here are the, as they say, uncut versions. I don’t think I need to say much more here – the pics can do the talking for me.

If you have not seen the video yet and are interested the link is here.

Time to get out those dancing shoes! (Acknowledgements and big thanks to the artists/idols involved – thanks for sharing your talent)

Pretty Boy Sally


Cross Dressing Men In Stockings Suspenders Bras – A Trans Health Photo Review

Men who wear women’s underwear often take great care to keep their bodies toned and fit. Male cross dressing can even be thought of as a powerful incentive in the battle against obesity.

Cross Dressing Men work hard on their abs to complement attractive stockings, suspenders and bras

It has long been known that the homosexual community often takes an active interest in physical fitness and healthy living. Similar drivers exist in the trans community regardless of being straight or gay – we want to look good in women’s clothes.

The perfect image can also be greatly enhanced by your wallpaper choice

Cross dressing males have an added incentive to keep thin and fit. Women’s clothes tend to be designed to enhance attractive body shapes and are very unforgiving of excess fat.

Men feel more comfortable getting fitting assistance in the shop if they regularly visit the gym

In my earlier photo blog I explained some of the issues of sizing for trans men (the link is here). Even if you get a size that fits it is nice not to have an unsightly ‘overhang’. We all like to look nice in the mirror!

We all want to look our best in the mirror

To illustrate how well some men have crafted their bodies to complement well with ladies underwear I would like to share with you some photos which I consider to be iconic.

We all have different tastes – not all men feel comfortable wearing a bra with their stockings and suspenders

Clearly not everyone will have a perfect body for their trans wardrobe from day one – and I am certainly not into body-shaming. But as you look at yourself in your nice stockings and panties why not plan your next visit to the gym. Perhaps you could use the trip to show off some of your latest purchases.

I hope you enjoy today’s photo review (I am sure you will understand that not all the chaps feel the need to wear a bra). Big thanks to these iconic models for sharing their success.

Pretty Boy Sally

Erotic Male Ballet Dancers in White Lycra Tights – A Photo Review

What is it about incredibly fit male bodies jumping through the air in pure white tights that is so homoerotic?

Erotic Male Ballet Dancer in White Lycra Tights

For those of us that are gender challenged the idea that guys can dress in hosiery and dance around for a living seems to be the optimal career choice – OK we may need to work on our musculature a bit.

Some of us may need to work on our bodies first

For today’s blog I would like to present some of the iconic male ballet dancers that have chosen this career path. This may provide some incentive to those younger gender fluid readers whose bodies are still at the stage where they can craft them into these incredible shapes.

With the right body even an old shed can be made exiting!

And for those of us who may be a bit too old to embark on the crafting process – well we can still dream about spending some ‘quality time’ in the company of these stunning creatures.

Prepare to fly high – no strings attached

Welcome to today’s selection of ‘Professional Men in White Tights‘.

Pretty Boy Sally

Cross-Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary – Undies, Lycra, Tattoos and Ballet

A typical Cross-dressing Gender-fluid boy’s day – Try on new panties, hosiery, enjoying Spandex at the gym, choosing a tattoo, dressing for ballet…Interested? Read on.

Today I would like to take you through the day of a typical transgender boy – illustrated with photos of my friends and others by/of people I admire (kind acknowledgements to all).

Before breakfast we need to select some panties and hosiery (more trans undies tips here):

Cross Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary – Task 1 Undies, Stockings, & Bra

I eat breakfast in my undies because I am a messy eater. After that I slip on my ‘public’ wardrobe by selecting a suitable over-garment for the day:

Cross Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary – Task 2 Selecting a pretty dress for work

Then it is off to the gym – I love seeing my ‘straight’ friends posing in their Lycra – clearly some of them are Trans in denial (see my article on that using the link here):

Cross Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary – Spotting the latest Lycra Fashions at the Gym

After working on our bodies we generally need a little swim to ‘cool down’:

Cross Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary – After a workout the boys like to take a swim

At the moment I am trying to decide on a nice tattoo design. Being gender-fluid I quite fancy a girly tatt to go with my girly panties (more girly tatt ideas using the link here):

Cross Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary – Choosing a girly tattoo for my bum

After lunch I recommend a little aerobic workout to help with digestion:

Cross Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary – Aerobics after lunch to aid digestion

In the evening, like most of my trans friends, I like to dress up a bit – especially if I am going out:

Cross Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary – Selecting a nice dress for the evening

A great evenings entertainment really ‘takes-off‘ with a trip to the ballet:

Cross Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary – Getting ready to fly at the Ballet

One of the things I love about ballet is that it was one of the first professions to encourage androgynous people. My diary wouldn’t be complete without an Andro Idol pic (with obligatory male nipple – just in case you weren’t sure):

Cross Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary Featuring androgynous models

Then it is back to my pad to recap on the day’s actions and plan which elements of my wardrobe I can wear tomorrow:

Cross Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary – Time to reflect and plan my wardrobe for tomorrow

I hope you enjoyed sharing my photo album – if you did you are always welcome to pop back.

Pretty Boy Sally

Cross Dressing Trans Boy’s Photo Diary – see the photo blog at

Men Love Doing Sports in Lycra or Spandex – Are these Trans Boys in Denial?

Back in time – before I understood very much about my gender fluidity I had a fascination with doing sports in Lycra – the thinner the better. I also liked them to be fairly transparent – my favourite colours were white and yellow!

My favourite Lycra colours were white and yellow

Initially I enjoyed people being able to see my nice tight white undies under the Lycra. But of course it did not stop there.

I enjoyed people seeing my tight white undies under the Lycra

As time moved on I started to wear girls’ panties under my Lycra – my reasoning was that the high elasticated content of girls’ undies helped to smooth out any masculine bumps that could reveal it was really a boy underneath those tight Lycra shorts/tights.

Of course flimsy Lycra is fine when you are exercising in the comfort of your own home

In retrospect this was just an excuse to wear girls underwear. It was nice to think that people might be able to see I was wearing pretty girls panties under my Lycra.

I enjoyed wearing women’s clothing beneath (and some times over) my Lycra

Then I noticed a lot of other guys were wearing Lycra on the playing fields – and with many of them you could see precisely what kind of undies they had underneath.

Lycra and Spandex sports tights do not leave much to the imagination

As I progressed with my research I noticed that a number of these chaps didn’t have any undies on at all underneath their flimsy Lycra. I began to realise – they just loved the feel of tight spandex fibres next to their flesh.

Men’s Lycra is just about as close as you can get to wearing ladies hosiery (unless you go for the real thing)

Gradually I began to understand that most of these very fit boys would really love to go out running in girl’s tights – the Lycra was their way of getting as close as they could to expressing their gender fluidity without being overtly trans.

Sometimes I would replace white Lycra tights for a nice light shade of grey

So in today’s blog I have selected some pics of iconic guy’s in Lycra which I hope help to illustrate my point. Do you think these guys would prefer to be out running in girls tights?

Hope you enjoy them.

Pretty Boy Sally

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