What is 變 ?

The sign  is an ancient Chinese pictogram which conveys the meaning ‘to transform‘. Much of the work produced by the Transformates music project is transformational in nature and therefore this traditional Chinese character, which is thousands of years old, was selected as the project’s logo.

Chris Duggleby first came across the character when he was learning to read and write traditional Chinese while living in Taipei. In Chinese it is pronounced ‘bian‘ and to draw it properly requires 23 pen strokes each of which must be applied in a specific order and direction.

TRANSFORMATES 變ancient Chinese character meaning to transform or change

The TRANSFORMATES’ logo 變 is an ancient Chinese character meaning to transform or change

A number of other Asian languages which are derived from ancient Chinese have also adopted this character but when it is spoken they give it a different pronunciation. In Japanese it is pronounced ‘kawaru‘, in Korean ‘byeon‘ and the Vietnamese call it ‘bien‘.

You can find out more about Chris Duggleby’s travels (he is a keen photographer) by visiting his personal website ChrisDuggleby.com using the link here. You may find the photo galleries interesting or his Alpine Press articles which recount strange stories emanating out of the Alpine region where one of his recording studios for the Transformates 變 music project is based.

Views from the Alpine recording studios used for Chris Dugglebys Transformates 變 Music Project